Am I a Blogger?

In my final post to my blog, I listened to a recent podcast from Social Media Examiner: “Becoming a Blogger: Do You Have What It Takes?” Too bad it was not available when I started this course, as it provided some great tips on keeping a sustainable blog site.

A couple of takeaways from the podcast are: have an obsession with the topic, find the audience/need, and 5 traits bloggers need.

First, you must first find a topic that you are obsessed with. The speaker, Stan Smith, explains this obsession is much more than a passion about the subject matter. You need this because you are going to be writing about this subject matter four to five times a week, so you must be obsessed to sustain the topic over the long run. Obsession with a topic will also allow you to take other relevant news and events and relate it back to your subject matter. Keeping your topic fresh and relevant will keep people seeking your blogs for the latest news and information.

Second, Stan discusses how to determine if others are out there at might be interested in the subject matter and why this is important. Having an audience that is interested in your subject matter is of course critical for a successful blog. You will have a following and it will grow as they share your content with other similar people. The question is how do you find and retain these like people. One great suggestion he offered was to find other sites and forums of similar content. Offering advice within these forums can persuade readers to visit your blog.

Finally, he spoke about five traits that great bloggers need to possess.  It’s important to understand that you don’t have to have every trait, but you should at least find the one that you are best in and use that to create your blog. The 5 traits are:

  • Dreamers
  • Storyteller
  • Teacher
  • Persuader
  • Curator.

Of course having your content shared is critical to get more people to your blog. Just like I am about to do, sharing the link to the podcast, sharing content will get more people familiar with your blog.

If you’d like to hear the podcast you can visit



Stelzner, M. (2013, March 15). “Becoming a blogger: do you have what it takes.” Social Media Examiner. [BLOG]. Retrieved on March 17 from



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